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Signals forex provider

Our company provides automated forex trading signals with SMS and Email alerts, automated trading execution. We have been many years working on forex and we are happy to share our knowledge with you today. Our services include everything you require for successful trading.

The wide range of signals, delivery and subscription options is available for you. Signals are available for the majors currency pairs: eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy, audusd, nzdusd, usdcad and for Gold. Choose the guaranteed pips subscription to make sure you receive profits rather than just signals.

All trades are analysed and are generated by our traders who monitor markets on a daily basis to ensure you receive the most recent and the most reliable information. Our trading experience includes many years of trading of our own funds trading and thousands of hours of money market analysis. If you are not sure which signal to choose, use the "Help me choose a signal page".

Forex signals provider

Available signals

dot N Set 340 pips / month view results
dot Pound Yen N 63 pips / month view results
dot Euro Yen N 50 pips / month view results
dot Yen N 47 pips / month view results
dot Pound N 44 pips / month view results
dot Aussie N 44 pips / month view results
dot Loonie N 36 pips / month view results
dot Zealy N 35 pips / month view results
dot Euro N 22 pips / month view results
dot Swissy N 5 pips / month view results
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Trading signals results

Signals forex results

Automatic results publication
All trading results are automatically updated every two hours to reflect all the recent trades and live results. Following these results will help you understand all our results are true and honest. Check the "Live Results" widget on the main page to see the latest trades, current day / week results. For your convenience each trading signal is accompanied with the detailed results page. Overall results, detailed every trade reports, monthly results, equity charts and many more are available to you at any time. Please, navigate a desired signal to get acquainted with its results and reports.

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Our traders are constantly monitoring the forex market for the best possible movements. Once we are ready to enter the market, we send you the corresponding trading alert. The results you will find on this website already include slippage, spreads and other discrepancies.

Signals delivery options

The speed and the way of a signal delivery are as important as a signal itself is. That is why we do our best to offer you the most convenient options of delivery: SMS alerts to your mobile / PDA, Emails to your mailbox, autotrader for instant automatic trades execution directly on your account along with VPS and website personal page delivery.

All possible options are already included within any subscription and you have only to choose which options you require (from none to all).

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Signals forex delivery options


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Pay for use with a monthly based subscription (pay for 1, 3, 6, 12 months), pay for profits with the guaranteed pips subscription (pay for the results on your trading account) or subscribe to managed accounts to double your account size. If you would like to try our services first, we offer two types of demo / trial: free with no delivery options and all options paid demo. Read more about demo.

Regardless the subscription type, you receive all available delivery options (SMS / Email / Automated trading / VPS / Customer support) and payment options (PayPal, Skrill, Credit cards in any currency). If you can't find the desired payment option, please contact us.

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Live Results
Latest trading day
22 May 2015
Latest trade
-1 pips / USDJPY (usdjpy)
22 May 2015 total
77 pips / 5 trades
Week 21 2015
123 pips / 10 trades
May 2015 total
419 pips / 45 trades
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Last Month Best
Average monthly profit
195 pips
Last month profit
154 pips
Total profit
1,753 pips
Monthly win rate
78 %
Total / profitable months
9 / 7 months
Win rate
56 %
Trades a month
6 trades a month
-231 pips

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