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Signals forex provider
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Signals forex provider

SignalsForex.Com provides automated trading signals forex with SMS and Email alerts, automated trades execution, pay for results subscriptions, free platform installation and much more. Our signals are created by human traders and always include the following information: open and close prices, stop loss and take profit details, traders comments. Signals are available for the majors (the most traded currency pairs): eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy, audusd, nzdusd, usdcad and for Gold. Our trading experience include many years of trading of our own funds trading and thousands of hours of money market analysis.

Forex signals provider

Available signals

dot Aussie N 108 pips / month results
dot c15 101 pips / month results
dot Pound Yen N 81 pips / month results
dot Euro Yen N 72 pips / month results
dot Pound N 67 pips / month results
dot Loonie N 64 pips / month results
dot Yen N 63 pips / month results
dot Euro N 62 pips / month results
dot e15 61 pips / month results
dot Zealy N 56 pips / month results
dot Swiss N 26 pips / month results
dot Pound S 23 pips / month results
dot Yen S 20 pips / month results
dot Aussie S 16 pips / month results
dot Swiss S 7 pips / month results
dot Zealy S 6 pips / month results
dot Euro S 4 pips / month results

Trading signals results

Forex signals results

Automated signals results
The results of trading are reflected and shown by the number of trades reports, statistics pages and performance information. For each trading signal we have prepared its own unique results page. It includes past trades details, the number of statistical figures (monthly profit, winning ratio, maximum drawdown, etc.) Signals forex provided can be used by any type of trader.
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Our traders monitor forex market all the time for best possible movements. Once we are ready to enter the market, we send you an alert to enter (or exit) the market. The results you will find on this website already include slippage, spreads and other discrepancies. All results pages are updated every two hours automatically.

Subscription to signals and delivery types

SMS alert / Email fx alerts / Auto trading / Platform installation
Signals are delivered by Email alerts, SMS alerts (most providers are available), trades are executed automatically on any account and free server installation. All these options are free with any paid subscription. For your convenience, signals are displayed within your personal page. You can monitor signals online.
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No matter what subscription type you choose you will be entitled to basic options such as SMS / Email signals, auto trading for MT4 / MT5 broker accounts, free platform installation on our server, personal page signals.

Subscribe to forex signals

Subscribe to signals / Free Demo / Paid Trial
Signals forex are offered via various subscription options and types. Which option to choose is totally on your discretion. There are both pros and cons for each option.
Subscribe to signals / Guaranteed pips / Managed accounts / Free & Paid Demo / Choose the best

Free demo provides you with 1 month free access to S signals set with the signals available on your personal page only.
Paid trial gives you 10 days access to S signals forex set with all options (SMS alerts, Email alerts, metatrader auto trading). To read more about paid trial, please click here.
Pay for period subscription grants access to the subscribed signals within a certain period of time.
Guaranteed pips option is used as pay for profits. You pay for net results in your account. Read more.
Forex managed accounts are offered via Pay as you go subscription. The most comprehensive option. Find out more.

Random signal
Zealy S
Profit a month
6 pips
Win ratio
88 %
Trades a month
1 trades
Average profit / loss
14 / -18 pips
-18 pips

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