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Automated Trading

Automated trading signalsAutomated Trading from SignalsForex will help you execute our signals directly on your trading account with a fraction of a second. It works with any metatrader account (MT4 or MT5). Autotrader gets details of a trade from the website and places directly into your account with all SL / TP levels. You will not miss a single trade, all details will be placed exactly the same as it is required. No chance for a human execution mistake.

Continue your every-day life while your account is loaded with profits. With SignalsForex VPS we offer 100% automatically executed trading signals. You do not have to devote any time when following the alerts from SignalsForex.

Overview and Details

1 Any MT4 / 5 Broker
1 You define lot size
2 Instant signals forex execution
3 100% Auto execution for you
4 Does not influence your trades.

Automated trading and execution option has only two requirements to be met: any paid subscription from SignalsForex (automated execution is included within any paid subscription) and an account with any broker offering a metatrader platform (widely offered on the forex). It could be either a live or a demo account. A trading platform must be running and must be connected to the internet from Sunday to Friday; otherwise trades could not be loaded to your account. That is why a trading platform must be running on your PC, on your Windows VPS or on SignalsForex Dedicated Server.

The installation of an autotrader is very simple and will take several minutes to complete. If you use a mobile terminal for your manual trading, you will need to get a PC / VPS running as well. For your convenience, we could install everything on your PC, your VPS or SignalsForex dedicated server / VPS. Metatrader platform may be opened simultaneously with multiple instances. Therefore, you may have one instance running on your PC and another on SignalsForex VPS.

Automated Execution of Orders

All signals sent are initially placed by SignalsForex professional human traders who monitor the market 24*5. When we make a trade on our account, we put trade details on our website. A trade appears on your personal page, SMS and Email alerts are sent (if required). Autotrader connects to the SignalsForex website and grabs the details to pass them to your account. It takes 0-2 seconds to execute a trade. By the time you receive an alert, a trade will already be placed on your account. The automation is intended only to execute trades. All trading decisions are completely within the scope of a trader. Autotrader from SignalsForex has already executed thousands of trades on hundreds of accounts with dozens of different brokers. It is a fast and reliable software saving a huge amount of time.

The installation instruction is available here. The installation instruction is very detailed and you should not face any difficulties during the installation process. The risk and lot sizes can be managed either from your personal page or directly from an autotrader. If you would like to have your automated trading installed for you, please contact us.