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Signals forex provided by SignalsForex always include exact, simple and straightforward information. We use only one level of stop loss (SL) level and one level of take profit (TP). No multiple or partial levels. Every opening alert includes a price we entered the market (this price is provided for an informational purpose). You shall open a trade as soon as you receive an alert. If you use an automated execution of trades, then trades will be executed automatically with the best possible price. The same applies to a closing alert: we indicate a price at which you shall exit the market and you have to close a position as soon as you receive an alert. If a trade was closed by either TP or SL price, then the price would be the same with the SignalsForex result.

For one currency pair it could be opened only one position at a time. So you may easily trade following on signals on any type of an account.

LogoAlerts Details

Each trade do always include at least two alerts: an opening alert and a closing alert. Opening alert includes: Open Price, SL and TP level and comments from traders. Closing alert indicates a reason for closing: Market Close, SL or TP price reached, Closing Price and comments from traders. Very often we send an Update Alert. When we update SL / TP levels, we send an alert indicating you have to move any levels. The corresponding comments are included.

Email and Website alerts give additional information by displaying various alerts in three possible colours: a grey background for a closing alert (you may see an example on the right hand side); a blue background is displayed when a trade is in "Buy" / "Long" and an orange background tells there is a "Sell" / "Short" signal. These visual types of alerts are very helpful .

When a new signal is released, we send information for your autotrader (if you use it), then put details on your personal page and then send SMS and Email alerts (if it is activated). Please note: SMS alerts are available for an additional charge. SignalsForex may not in any manner control the delivery of either Email or SMS alerts.

Signals Forex Example

LogoDelivery Options

Web Page Delivery. All signals are automatically published on your personal page. Click the ""My Signals" page to view an overall table. To check a detailed signal, check a desired currency pair to view its detailed position with a history of all alerts for the most recent position. This option is free and is available to any customer.

Email Alerts. Email alerts are sent to a signals-delivery email address (may be different from the main email). Emails alerts are available to any paid subscription (any subscription except the free subscription). SignalsForex may not guarantee the delivery of an alert.

Automated Trading. Automated execution of signals is available for any MT4 / MT5 account. It is free with any paid subscription. However, you may need to host your trading platform. Check the automated trading requirements.

SMS Alert. SMS can be sent to any country. There could be some limitations. SignalsForex uses third-party services to deliver alerts. SignalsForex does not guarantee the delivery of SMS.