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SignalsForex offers the completely free subscription for signals forex. The signals are completely free of charge. You do not have to provide any payment details, we do not charge you at all. Moreover, the free subscription period is unlimited. If there are any currently open positions, you will see two of them at the bottom of this page. You receive free access to profitable trading signals simply by registering with the SignalsForex website. To get the free subscription, just register with the website (click here to register). The registration is free and is required to access the signals. If you are already registered and you did not activate the free subscription or your subscription is expired, go to the My Subscription page to activate / extend your free subscription for free.

There are certain limitations you will face whilst using the free subscription: No SMS / Email alerts are sent; Automated execution of trades is not available; on every page of the website you will be seeing adverts.

Why you should use the free subscription? 1) First of all, the free subscription is FREE. Entirely free profitable forex signals without any payment information; 2) You may access these signals from any country in the world. There are no limitations; 3) The subscription is endless - you may use as long as you would like to; 4) If you have a demo account, it is more than reasonable to trade SignalsForex signals for free on your demo account; 5) If you would like to check whether our results are actually what we send. Simply compare signals you see and the results you receive. Please note: you may miss any number of trades as you do not receive any notification when a new alert is sent.

When to use the paid subscription? 1) If you want to trade on your real account; 2) If you want to have all trades executed automatically; 3) If you want to be sure you receive and execute all signals on time; 4) If you want to make real profits; 5) If you want to have a personal manager assistance.

Currency Pair Date & Time Position TP SL Comments
EA EURUSD 8 Jun 2020 8:48 Closed 1.1303 1.1278 1.1303 The trade was closed by SL

All positions are closed now. Check the page later