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Golden Signals Set.

2022 Total Profit $143
2022 Profit / Month $29
2022 Drawdown -28.3%

The Golden signals set includes four the most popular and the most profitable signals: . All four signals are for the XAU / USD Gold currency pair.

The Golden signals set offers high monthly profit with relatively low drawdown and a high number of trades. Up to 80 trades a month. All results are verified by MyFxBook. You may check a real-time statement here.
Signals are available with Telegram and Email alerts, 100% instant automated trades execution and API calls to your server. Personal page alerts publications.

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Overall Monthly results

If you would like to check every trade results, please click on any month's result to load a page (detailed information with each trade, overall results and a chart will be loaded).



A sum of all trades made.
Total Profit = Profitable Trades Results + Loss Trades Results.
Higher values are better.
: 3,660 pips | 146%
(?) Profit a month Indicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
282 pips / 11%
(?) Trades total / a month All trades made and average number of trades a month.
Average Number of Trades a Month = Total Trades / Total Months .
479 / 28 trades
(?) Monthly Win ratioA ratio between profitable months and all traded months .
Monthly Win = Profitable Months / Total Months
Higher values are better.
(?) Winning ratioThe ratio between profitable and all trades.
Win Ratio = Profitable Trades / All Trades.
Higher values are better.
(?) Risk reward ratioA ratio between an expected level of TP and an expected level of SL.
Risk Reward Ratio = TP Level / SL Level.
Higher values are better.
(?) DepositA recommended level of deposit to allocate for 0.1 lot trading. If you trade 0.1 lot, on average 1 pip = $1
$ 2500 / 0.1 lot each
(?) A total number of months traded.
Months Traded = Total Number of Months (Date End - Date Start)
Basically the longer a signal is traded the more stable it is.
17 months
Indicates an average monthly profit.
Average Profit a Month = Total Profit / Total Months.
Higher values are better.
Profit a month : 282 pips | 11%
(?) Total profit received A total amount of gains.
Total Gains = Sum of All Profitable Trades Results
12,808 pips
(?) Profit trades totalA total number of profitable trades.
368 trades
(?) Average profit tradeAn average profitable trade value.
Average Profitable Trade = Total Gains / Total Number of Profitable Trades
35 pips
(?) Profit monthsA number of profitable months.
10 months
(?) Best monthThe most profitable month.
886 pips
(?) TP levelA range of a common level of Take Profit (TP) used
(?) TP number / ratio to totalA number of trades closed by TP and the ratio to all trades.
TP Ratio = TP Trades Number / All Trades
Higher values are better
0 / 11%
Maximum reduction / decrease of an equity. Drawdown : -765 pips | -31%
(?) Loss receivedA total amount of losses.
Total Losses = Sum of All Loss Trades Results
-7,987 pips
(?) Loss trades totalA total number of loss trades.
111 trades
(?) Average loss tradeAn average loss trade value.
Average Loss Trade = Total Losses / Total Number of Loss Trades
-72 pips
(?) Loss monthsA number of loss months.
3 months
(?) Worst monthThe worst month
0 pips
(?) SL levelA range of a common level of Stop Loss (SL) used
(?) Net profit ratioRepresents a net profit to total gains ratio.
Net Ratio = Net Profit / Total Gains
Higher values are better.

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