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Questions and Answers Page

The following page displays the frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers. The most common questions are displayed here.

If you cannot find a desired question / answer, please use the contact us page to send us a query.

All questions are grouped into categories. For your convenience, click the category to view the list of Q&A.

Automated Trading

Are there any specific brokers your automated trading works with?
Automated trading is suitable for any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader) account. There are no limitations or requirements to choose any specific broker.
Is it required to have my PC working?
A trading platform must be running to be able to execute trades. With VPS (server) subscription, you will install your trading platform on our server. A non-managed VPS (Windows server) is used for this purpose.Alternatively, you may install everything on your dedicated server or VPS.
What is the price for automated execution?
Automatic trading is offered for a part of the Automated Trading subscription (approximately $10 a month).
Who will set the lots?
There are two options for managing your lot sizes. You may manage it directly on your personal page or we will set the recommended levels. The autotrader will connect to your page to get the details for execution in your account.

Free Signals Alerts

Can I check your signals for free?
Yes, all signals are published for free on our Free Signals online page.
Is it possible to test signals or receive free Telegram alerts?
You may join our SignalsForexCom Telegram Channel for free and receive alerts for two signals (randomly chosen signals every week).
What happens if I receive only loss trades?
The fact is that you will be receiving some losing trades. However, past results tell we provide net profitable overall results. Should you face a losing period, your balance of pips will be rising.

Money Management Questions

What is the minimum recommended deposit?
Trading forex involves risks. To withstand risks and to make profits, it is recommended to have at least $100 on your trading account. Information on deposits for each pair is available here
What is the maximum drawdown?
For each currency pair, the maximum drawdown is different. On average you shall expect up to 700-1,000 pips drawdown for each. The SignalsForex group has a cumulative expected drawdown of approximately 1000 pips.
Delivery Options
How can I receive alerts?
You may check signals online (Free Signals page or Personal Page), receive Telegram alerts or join SignalsForex Telegram Channel for two signals, receive email alerts, have all trades executed automatically.