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Recommended Deposits

Money and risk management is key to successful trading. Regardless of the type of investment, you have always to manage the risks you face. Those risks must be covered with your profits. Inappropriate risk assessment may lead to a full loss of an account. Following the recommended deposits is essential when trading with SignalsForex trading alerts. SignalsForex professionals have been trading on the forex market for many years. Our knowledge and experience will help accumulate stable gains and increase your equity.

There is no minimum required balance to trade using SignalsForex alerts. You may trade equally profitable with $100 or $25,000 on your deposit. Moreover, we do not ask you to change your broker. You may continue trading with the broker of your choice. Further, you will find information in regards to the recommended levels of capital you need.

The Main Concept

You are free to open as many lots as you want and have as small/big deposit as you like. Use the following calculations only as an example and our view of possible recommended levels of trading. Each currency pair available on this site has its different recommended deposit level (aka the most appropriate leverage for trading). In general, we tend to use 12:1 trading leverage. If your account covers leverage higher than this level, you are well configured (you may have 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500 leverage). Moreover, you may trade with micro, mini and standard lots. The lower the leverage you use, the less risky your trading is. All recommended levels are scalable and easily calculated. If it is recommended to open 0.01 lot for every $100, you may open 0.1 lot for $1,000 of your deposit and 1.0 standard lot with $10,000. Trading with higher risk exposure may lead to a full loss of your account's equity. There are neither requirements nor obligations to follow the recommended deposit levels. All the information is provided for an informational purpose only.

How much value is a pip? This is the most popular question. Depending on a currency pair and the number of lots you trade the value of a pip will vary. For the purposes of illustration, we will consider trading with 0.1 lot (10,000 units). Your profits and losses are received in the second currency of a currency pair (in EURUSD you receive results in USD, with GBPJPY in JPY, with GBPCHF in CHF, with USDCAD in CAD, etc.) If you trade any currency pairs with the USD being as the second pair, 1 pip always = $1 (e.g. if you trade EURUSD, GBPUSD). If you trade a currency pair with the second pair different from USD, then you have to covert this currency to USD. For example, in the case of GBPCHF, you will have to covert CHF (Swiss Franc) to a currency you are interested in. When you trade with a broker, all these calculations are done automatically by a broker.

The following legend will help with the table: MDD - maximum received so far drawdown in pips and relative to a recommended deposit; RRL - recommended allocation of an equity for a trading instrument; MPL - the maximum possible level of risk. Trading with higher values is extremely unsafe; MED - maximum expected drawdown which may occur during trading in pips.

Group / Currency pair MDD* pips / % RRL* in USD MPL* in USD MED* in Pips
0 pips / 0% $2500 for 0.1 lot each pair $1750 for 0.1 lot each pair 800 pips
USD CAD EA MT4 -303 pips / -35.6% $850 for 0.1 lot $700 for 0.1 lot trading 300 pips
GOLD -444 pips / -23.4% $1900 for 0.1 lot $1500 for 0.1 lot trading 650 pips
GOLD MINI -372 pips / -19.6% $1900 for 0.1 lot $1500 for 0.1 lot trading 650 pips
-309 pips / -19.3% $1600 for 0.1 lot $1300 for 0.1 lot trading 500 pips
GBP JPY TREND -586 pips / -32.6% $1800 for 0.1 lot $1600 for 0.1 lot trading 600 pips
-282 pips / -17.6% $1600 for 0.1 lot $1300 for 0.1 lot trading 500 pips