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Signalator Forex Trading Results

The overall results page is perhaps the most important page for a company like Signalator Ltd. These trading results show how successful and profitable our trading activity is. Further, you may get acquainted with the overall monthly results for the forex signals, signals sets and investment programmes we offer.

All these results reflect trades made on broker trading accounts of Signalator and our clients. We use ECN trading accounts with minimum spreads for trading + $0.7 commission for each trade. The results published on this page and across the website already include spread and commissions.

By default, all results are displayed in pips of profit. If you are not sure what a pip is, please check this page. The results published herein are published for trading with 0.1 standard lot. However, you may choose the way to display results (pips, 0.1 lot, 0.2 lots, 0.3 lots, 0.5 lots or 1 lot). Using simple math calculations you may calculate how much you would possibly have made if you traded following our signals with the desired size of lots.

Unless stated otherwise (e.g. for investment programmes) you decide how many lots to open. You may trade with any lot size you prefer. There are no requirements for you to use any specific size of a trading lot. If you would like to see our recommendation, please visit the money and risk management page.

Monthly Overall Results

Further, you will find the overall monthly results for the past seven months and the total profit for the current year. Click on the desired signal, signals set or investment programme to check the detailed service page or click on the desired month or year to view the page with every-trade report.

Choose the way to display the results by clicking on the desired button. If you want to see the results in USD with 0.1 lot trading, click on the "0.1 lot" button. If you want to see the results in pips, click the "Pips" button.

Display results in:

Signals Sets 2021/2022 May-22 Apr-22 Mar-22 Feb-22 Jan-22 Dec-21 Nov-21
GOLDEN $10,980 $165 $-54 $-1,578 $468 $1,428 $1,071 $2,937
SIGNALSFOREX $5,088 $27 $291 $279 $1,224 $264 $369 $195
Forex Signals (MT4 / 5 Copy and Auto Trading)
GOLD PLUS $771 $-93 $0 $78 $786
GOLD $6,675 $165 $-54 $489 $642 $948 $294 $771
GOLD TREND $6,804 $0 $0 $-297 $306 $-60 $0 $1,596
GBP JPY TREND $1,335 $0 $249 $309 $-123 $297 $0 $-375
USD CAD TREND $210 $0 $0 $-54 $-339 $-63 $-279 $162
GBP USD $153 $0 $0 $75 $51 $27 $0
EUR USD TREND $-213 $0 $0 $-147 $84 $-78
EA GOLD $-186 $0 $0 $-1,770 $0 $264 $369 $195
EA GBP JPY $-129 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

Monthly Results and Equity Growth Chart

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Questions and Answers

What Signalator results are based on?
All Signalator results reflect the trades our traders made. Every time we open a trade, the trade details are added to the database. Once a trade is closed, the website calculates the results and updates the details. Recent results are verified. Contact us for details.
How long Signalator has been providing trading signals?
First currency signals we provided over the phone to our clients in 2000. Since then we changed the way we send signals, we open trades and so on.
Why your signals results are so recent then?
The world is permanently changing and so the forex market does. The trading strategies we used 3-5 years ago do not properly work now and as we make major amendments to our trading strategies, we offer new trading signals.
My results differ from the results published on the website. Why is that?
In most cases, trades executed by our traders and trades executed by you will have identical results. However, due to the various factors including spread, slippage, time, etc. trades can be executed at different prices (your price may be worse or even better, making it more or less balanced). If you experience bigger discrepancies, please contact us.