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USDCHF Signal Forex Detailed Results

Overall Results
Average Profit a Month
-1 pips
Total Profit
-9 pips
Max Drawdown
-179 pips
Win Ratio
Profit / Loss Months
6 // 2 months
Total Profit / Loss
530 pips / -539 pips
Profit / Loss Trades
35 trades // 30 trades
Best / Worst Month
62 pips // -175 pips
Recommended deposit
950 / 0.1 lot
TP Level
20-25 pips
SL Level
25-50 pips

USDCHF is strongly correlated with EURUSD. One of the major currency pairs. Average daily price changes. This is a short-term trading signal with market execution orders (execute a trade as soon as you receive a signal).

We use a great number of indicators to analyse the market when we enter and exit the market. SignalsForex traders use overbought / oversold levels, trend / counter-trend indicators, economic news releases and many more. Trading results are verified by Myfxbook service. Click here to view the reports.

A signal may be sent via SMS / Email alerts. Automated execution is available for any MT4 / MT5 (metatrader account). Trading is suitable for US residents and comply with FIFO requirements.

You may subscribe to the USDCHF signal as a single-currency subscription or as a part of SignalsForex group. You may use the guaranteed pips balance to trade with the USDCHF signal forex.

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