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Signals Forex

Signals Forex provided by SignalsForex are available below. We offer signals for the most popular and the most profitable currency pairs. Trading with SignalsForex alerts is suitable for any trading account (including US FIFO accounts). Each currency pair is available for one signal only. i.e. one currency pair = one position at a time. All signals are generated by SignalsForex forex traders. We use a comprehensive approach to analyze the market: the fundamental and economic news analysis, technical analysis with trend, counter-trade, overbought/oversold leves and visual/chart trading.

All signals come with open / close price, SL / TP levels and comments from our traders. All alerts are for the spot market and are market execution orders (we do not use pending orders). Once a signal becomes live, it should be executed without a delay. To view examples of signals, please click here.

LogoAvailable Currency Pairs

The table of the available currency pairs is within the table below. You will find a currency pair, an average profit a month in pips, an average number of trades, the maximum drawdown details, any much more. All signals can be combined together into the SignalsForex group. This is an overview of all provided signals. To view the detailed results with every-trade reports, monthly results, detailed trading statistics, please click on a corresponding detailed results link.

The Available SignalsForex Currency Pairs
Currency pair Profit a month Drawdown Trades a month Detailed results
SignalsForex 320 pips -316 pips 101 trades view detailed results
GBPJPY 120 pips -49 pips 5 trades view detailed results
AUDJPY 88 pips -130 pips 19 trades view detailed results
USDCAD 64 pips -127 pips 17 trades view detailed results
AUDUSD 38 pips -58 pips 10 trades view detailed results
GBPUSD 22 pips -226 pips 15 trades view detailed results
USDJPY 20 pips -67 pips 6 trades view detailed results
EURUSD 9 pips -124 pips 10 trades view detailed results
GOLD -21 pips -205 pips 20 trades view detailed results