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The Guaranteed Pips

The guaranteed pips subscription is the most fair and the most cost effective subscription available. It could also be called the pay for profits subscription. Unlike a commonly used monthly subscription, your subscription remains active until you make the net profits on your trading account including all possible slippages. We consider a pip as a change of a price movement by 0.0001 for currency pairs like EURUSD, 0.01 for currency pairs including JPY and 0.1 for the XAUUSD (GOLD).

LogoHow it works?

When you buy the guaranteed pips, you buy real profits, not a period of use. If a trading month ends with a loss, your subscription remains active. No need to renew a subscription. Moreover, if we make a loss, a number of pips we lost is added to a balance of your pips. On the right hand side, you may find an example of pips balance calculation.

Every time we make a profitable trade, the same amount of pips is deducted from your balance of pips (the remaining subscription). If we make a loss trade, the same amount of pips is added back to your balance of pips. Trading continues while a balance of pips remains positive. Once your balance goes below zero, your subscription is suspended (completed).

Guaranteed pips are not time related. Profits are provided regardless any timeframe. Depending on the market conditions and a number of pips, it may take from 1 day to many months. Please note: the guaranteed pips are not the guaranteed profits within a certain period of time. The guaranteed pips subscription means you will receive profit before your subscription expires.

The Balance of Guaranteed Pips
Trade ID Result Balance
Let us assume, you have bought 300 guaranteed pips.
Trade 1 +20 pips 280 (300-20)pips
Trade 2 -17 pips 297 (280 + 17) pips
Trade 3 -18 pis 315 ( 297 + 18) pips
Trade 4 +23 pips 292 (315 - 23) pips

Key Factors and Benefits

Choose any currency

With the guaranteed pips you may choose the most appropriate currency pairs. If you prefer to trade only with EURUSD and Gold, you may choose only those two pairs. Other pairs won't be included into your balance of pips.

Deposit does not influence balance of pips

Your opening lot amounts does not influence the calculation of pips: if you open 0.1 lot or 1.5 or 25 lots, you pay the same for your subscription. The more you have on your a trading account, the less you pay for every penny you gain.

Subscription expiration

Guaranteed pips do not expire. You may use them as long as you require (suspend subscription at any time). Renew your subscription only after real net profits on your account are made.