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Signals Forex Automated Trading

SignalsForex provides profitable signals for the market with exact information on when to buy and to sell major currency pairs. All alerts are very straightforward to use and to understand. Alerts include open / close prices, stop loss (SL) and take profits (TP) levels. You may check examples of signals sent here. We offer signals for the most popular currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, Gold (XAUUSD) and many more. Get acquainted with the full list of available pairs here.

Depending on your requirements, signals may be delivered via Email and SMS. Automated execution of trades (automated trading) is available for any metatrader account (MT4 / MT5). Read more about automated trading here. All alerts with comments from traders are instantly published on your personal page.

Live Results

Results of trading are automatically added on to the website pages and are available once a trade is closed. You may find overall monthly results for all signals and for each currency pair, detailed reports with every trade details. The most profitable pairs are available below along with the monthly results chart. For detailed trading results, please click here. All results are final and reflect operations executed on the accounts of SignalsForex own funds / clients funds. Trading results are verified by a third-party website. Details are available on the results pages. Results are available in pips and in percentage to a deposit (based on the recommended deposits levels). Each operation has a unique number so you may easily compare your trading results and published results.

The Most Profitable Signals in 2021
ABSOLUTE 6 pips 0.3%
GBPUSD 6 pips 0.4%


Automated Trading and Delivery Options





Automated trading is the most popular delivery option for the signals we offer. With automated execution of signals, you won't need to execute any trades on your own. You define the desired levels of risk (open lot sizes) and autotrader copies trades to your account wherever you are whatever you do at any time 24*7. All trades are originally sent by professional human forex traders. Automation only copies trades from the SignalsForex website to your trading account. Detailed information on automated trading is available here.

All signals are instantly published on your personal page with the SignalsForex website. You may check all currently open signals on one page. SMS and Email alerts are available as a delivery option. You may receive alerts directly to your Smartphone and / or email account. Examples of signals are available here.

Prices and Subscription Options

SignalsForex offers both paid and free subscription. The paid subscription is available for a period of use (1-12 months) or for the net profit (The Guaranteed Pips Subscription). With the paid subscription you will receive access to all currency pairs, automated trading with free VPS and email alerts. Click here to get acquainted with all subscription options and prices. For an additional charge, you may get SMS alerts. For the free subscription (timeless) you will be able to see live trades on your personal page only. Read more about the free signals.

Profit Calculator

Find the best levels of risk for each currency pair and for the group of all signals. With the unique tool the (Profit Calculator), you are able to check how various lot sizes influence the final results. This will help you maximize profits and minimize possible losses.
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